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Transitional Housing

Transitional housing offers whānau who have experienced sudden or episodic homelessness and chance to get on their feet, before being supported into long-term accommodation. Visionwest Community Housing provides transitional housing at an affordable rent for those in desperate need. We have a number of transitional housing developments and properties across West Auckland, South Auckland and Canterbury.

Each of our transitional housing properties is fully furnished and equipped. We have studio units and two and three-bedroom units with their own kitchen, dining, bathroom, and laundry facilities. Normally, the maximum stay in one of our short-term rental properties is three months but this is negotiable depending on the availability of longer-term accommodation.

Visionwest has an agreement with MSD for rental costs to be paid directly to Visionwest while people stay in the transitional housing accommodation. If you qualify for transitional housing, the Visionwest Community Housing team will help set this up.

How Transitional Housing Works

If you live in a Visionwest transitional housing property, you will pay 25% of your income in rent, which is in line with income-related rents for public housing and emergency housing special needs grants. The balance is subsidised by the Ministry of Housing.

It is intended that families and individuals stay in transitional housing for an average of 12 weeks. They receive a further 12 week’s support once they have found a more permanent place to live.

There is a strict eligibility criterion for Visionwest housing, but we do our best to accommodate all who have a legitimate housing need.

Commuity Housing Icons 01 - Visionwest

Transitional Housing Criteria

Visionwest has two eligibility criteria for Community Housing:

All candidates must be registered on the MSD (Ministry of Social Development) Housing Register, and
All candidates must be an individual or family who are in urgent need of housing.