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Visionwest Waka Whakakitenga story

Creating pathways for vulnerable whānau to rise out of poverty, isolation, homelessness, and joblessness by providing comprehensive wraparound services.

Our team supports children, young people, families, people with disabilities and the elderly with an unwavering hope for a better tomorrow.

Our Name is Visionwest – Waka Whakakitenga

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The Waka is about a journey together. One that acknowledges our past and looks forward to the future. Whakakitenga speaks about God-given insight; the importance of a developing vision that is larger than any of us but includes all of us. Together Waka Whakakitenga reminds us that we are a team of faith-led people on a mission to bring hope and transformation.

Our Vision is Transformed Lives, Healthy Communities – He Oranga Tangata, He Oranga Hapori

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We journey alongside individuals and families and are active in the transformation work that enriches their lives; work which ultimately leads to healthier and more connected communities.

Our Mission is Building Hope Together – Kia Tūmanakotia

building hope together - Visionwest

Based on the word, tūmanakotia – to hope for or to desire – Kia Tūmanakotia conveys the reality that Building Hope Together is an ongoing action that results in changed lives.

Our Values define how we treat those we support and walk alongside


We are compassionate, empathetic and loving in our actions.


We uphold and respect the dignity and unique identity of each individual.


We demonstrate kindness, hospitality and generosity to all.


We are committed to creating authentic relationships, connections and a place of belonging.

Our logo is a Koru

Koru with descriptions NEW - Visionwest

Our koru holds our story, our vision and values, and our journey towards community transformation. It’s imagery reminds us of our ever present faith-led foundations, our commitment to prioritise Māori and our service pathways which help to shape who we are.

Kaupapa Māori

Since the establishment of Visionwest, a significant proportion of those we seeking support have been whānau Māori. With this in mind, we have sought to understand and work towards developing a Kaupapa Māori framework, “Pou Whakakitenga” to guide the delivery of all support services. It’s a relational framework focused on enhancing the wellbeing outcomes for Māori while remaining applicable for all ethnicities.

Our Kaupapa Māori framework consist of four key pou (posts):

Wairua (Spiritual).

Hauora (Health/Wellness).

Mātauranga (Indigenous Knowledge).

Tikanga (Traditional Customs and Processes).

While seeking to embed Kaupapa Māori principles in the way all Visionwest services are delivered, we also have services that are specifically Kaupapa Māori, delivered by Māori and for Māori.

We are Faith-Led

Visionwest was founded by the Glen Eden Baptist Church (GEBC) and today the church and Trust remain steadfast in our efforts to work together in the community. Since our early beginnings, each act of service has been informed by the faith ethic that underpins all we do. A faith personified by the commitment to love and serve those in greatest need. Further to this, we believe that each compassionate act is a demonstration of God’s aroha and rangimarie.

Where we’ve come from

Throughout our history, two attitudes have provided a foundation to the work of the Trust – a willingness to innovate and grow to meet emerging needs, and a steadfast commitment to upholding the mana of every individual we support and employ. It’s these attitudes that continue to steer the Trust and propel it forward as we build hope together in the communities we serve.

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Angeline’s Story – Life under the Visionwest Umbrella

“Visionwest is like an umbrella for me. When a storm comes along, Visionwest is there. If I need someone to talk to, Visionwest is there. If I have a question or have any problems, my Visionwest support navigator is there ... one of my goals is to do the Unitec Social...

Jo’s Story – Financial Mentoring to Change Lives

“I love to journey with whānau and see them come to a place where they are able to achieve their financial goals – that is really awesome and, for me, it’s what my financial mentoring role at Money Mentors is all about.” Jo is a Kahukura Financial Mentor and the Team...

Kane’s Story – “I’m In the Best Place for Achieving Goals.”

“My friends suggested I come along to Visionwest Youth Solutions because it was a safe place to learn and to prepare for life. If I hadn’t taken their advice, I’m not sure where I’d be. I certainly wouldn’t be achieving the goals that I am right now.” Kane admits to...

Beth’s Story – Visionwest Youth Development Coach

“It’s so rewarding when I come to the end of a journey with a young person. It could be that they are going into employment or could be that they are moving onto further training; just seeing them move to a place where they are in a better position than when they...

Visionwest’s Christmas From The Heart 2021 Final Report

The long-term financial challenges faced by many in our local communities mean that every year some whānau miss out on food over Christmas. 2021 was no different except that this year, the demand was accentuated by the presence of COVID. Leading up to Christmas 2021,...

Gina’s Story – Pae Aronui and the Confidence to Grow

Gina* was quiet and reclusive when she moved to Auckland, preferring to keep to herself and avoiding too much contact with others. Then she joined the Pae Aronui programme at Visionwest Waka Whakakitenga. Awhina, one of the Pae Aronui Kaiarahi Rangatahi (youth tutor)...

Westpac Business Awards Win for Visionwest

"And the Westpac Business Awards Supreme Business Excellence Award goes to…  "It was a huge moment for the entire Visionwest team when, at the Auckland Westpac North-West Business Awards, Visionwest first won the Excellence in Strategy and Planning Award and then took...

Samantha’s Story – Financial Mentoring & Life Goals

Samantha has goals for herself and her family but it’s difficult to fulfil your dreams when you are going through a tough time financially. Financial mentoring help from Visionwest Money Mentors has given Samantha hope for the future. Before having their third child,...

In-Home Healthcare Offices Combine

Within our community, many of the elderly and those with disabilities would be unable to retain the comfort and independence of living in their own homes if not for in-home healthcare providers. To ensure an even greater efficiency of support than the already...

23 new homes = 23 whānau housed

23 new homes means 23 whānau who have been struggling to find a place to live will now have a warm, dry and safe home while they look for longer term housing. On Friday February 25th, a small group from Visionwest Waka Whakakitenga gathered for a service of blessing...

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