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There are many ways to help make a difference in the lives of vulnerable whānau as we work to transform lives and create healthy communities.

Visionwest Christmas Club

Fundraise for Visionwest

On 5th August at 7pm, give up your power for 24 hours and help pull the plug on poverty.

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Become a Hope Builder

Even a small monthly donation can go a long way to building hope and transforming lives.

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A gift in your Will

A gift in your Will can continue your legacy and bring meaning to a life well lived.

Donate November 2021


Your donation will provide the wraparound support Kiwis need to build a brighter future.

Become a Volunteer

As a Visionwest volunteer you can help transform someone’s life. Behind every life transformation are simple practical acts of service such as packing a food parcel or spending time with a young person preparing for employment.

The difference you’ll make

Watch this video to see how your support will help stamp out poverty and transform lives.

As a charity, we rely on the generosity of donors and supporters like you to fulfil our work amongst the most vulnerable in our communities. If you are able, please help build hope for those who need it most by donating to Visionwest or joining our fundraising events. You’ll be helping people impacted by isolation, poverty and homelessness receive the crucial support they need to ensure brighter futures.

Give the gift of joy. Join the Visionwest Christmas Club today!

Visionwest Christmas Club

At the end of a tough year, the extra expense of Christmas will be totally out of reach for many families. But you can help.
The Visionwest Christmas Club is easy to join, you choose how much you donate and whether you prefer to donate weekly or monthly. It’s just like a supermarket Christmas Club, except the money you give between now and Christmas will help a struggling family in need. 

About Us

Visionwest creates pathways for vulnerable whānau to rise out of poverty, isolation, homelessness, and joblessness by providing a range of comprehensive wraparound services. Our team supports children, young people, families, people with disabilities and the elderly with an unwavering hope for a better tomorrow.

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Flora’s Story – Independence at 100 Years Old

Flora’s Story – Independence at 100 Years Old

I’m 100 years old. I used to be a nurse then, once my family grew old up, I was in hospital administration. Thanks to Visionwest, I’m still in my own unit. It makes me feel so good to still have...