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Sustaining Tenancies

Sustaining Tenancies provides practical support to tenants who are at risk of losing their tenancy. We work with all landlords and tenants (not just those already associated with Visionwest) to provide support through tenancy issues with the aim of preserving the tenancy.

Sustaining Tenancies is available in West Auckland and Canterbury.

How Sustaining Tenancies Works

Sustaining Tenancies is a service for tenants of both private rentals and social housing. It is for individuals, families and whānau requiring different levels of service support including:

  • Tenants who need a low level of support to stay in their home.
  • Tenants with complex life events and risk factors.
  • Vulnerable tenants experiencing multiple risk factors and adverse life events.
Commuity Housing Icons 01 - Visionwest

Visionwest provides each tenant with a Sustaining Tenancies Support Worker who works hands-on with the tenant to develop workable plans and provide regular support with the aim of retaining their tenancy and working through any issues that put their tenancy at risk.

This enables a tenant to retain their rental property and means landlords don’t need to search for new tenants.

The support provided depends on the needs of each family or individual, but could include: 

  • Budgeting advice to help with rent arrears and other money issues.
  • Support to rectify any eviction issues.
  • Help with issues with neighbours or landlords.
  • Healthy living plans.
  • Alcohol and drug dependency relapse prevention.
  • Life-skills coaching.
  • Linking with other support services such as counselling, alcohol and drug specialists, employment agencies, education providers, foodbanks, and parenting programmes.
  • Identifying cultural needs and provide links to services for support.
  • Providing resources and training for managing behavioural issues.
  • Providing support to maintain housing and liaise with landlords regarding any issues related to their tenancies.

Benefits for Landlords

By seeking support for their tenants from VisionWest’s Sustaining Tenancies Programme, landlords will:

  • Help their tenants maintain their tenancy and avoid homelessness.
  • Avoid or reduce neighbourhood conflict.
  • Avoid the need for eviction.
  • Gain good long-term tenants and avoid periods without tenants and the cost of replacing tenants.

Benefits for Tenants

By agreeing to receive support from a Sustaining Tenancies Support Worker, tenants:

  • Gain the opportunity to maintain their tenancy and stability of lifestyle.
  • Learn the skills required to maintain a long-term tenancy.
  • Receive life-supports relevant to ongoing needs.

Who we Work with:

Our Sustaining Tenancy Support Workers work with families and individuals who:

  • Are private rental or social housing tenants, who have a tenancy as defined under the Residential Tenancies Act.
  • Have given written consent to receive Support Worker,
  • Sustaining Tenancies Service.
  • Are on a pathway to homelessness and/or are at risk of eviction.

Contact Visionwest Sustaining Tenancies

Phone Visionwest Housing: West Auckland, 09 818 0706.
Canterbury, 0800 664 464 – extn 2.
Or email:

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