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As a Visionwest volunteer you can help transform someone’s life. Behind every life transformation are simple practical acts of service such as packing a food parcel or spending time with a youth person preparing for employment.

Being a Visionwest volunteer is a great way to contribute to your community while learning new skills. As a Visionwest volunteer, you become part of our whānau and our wider family. That means you get to enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing lives are being transformed through the work you do.

Volunteer FAQs

What volunteer positions are available at Visionwest?

Most opportunities for volunteers are for work in our Pātaka Kai, Youth Training Centre and ESOL classes.

Do I need any experience?

No experience is required. Our volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, professions, and ages, and possess variety of skills and experiences. A volunteer needs to be willing to follow instructions and to abide by the values, vision and mission of Visionwest.

What are the benefits of volunteering at Visionwest?

Volunteering is a great opportunity to make a positive impact in your community, be part of a team, learn new skills, and develop friendships.

What do I need to do before I can get started?

All volunteer applicants are required to complete a Volunteer Application Form and a vetting form (either a Police Vetting Form or a Ministry of Justice form depending on the nature of the volunteer position). Some convictions will disqualify an applicant from proceeding.

The application form requires the naming of at least two character referees. These need to be people who know you well enough to give a brief assessment of you as a person. They do not need to be people you have worked for or with.

If approved to commence volunteer work, you will be required to sign a Volunteer Agreement.

How long before I can get started?

This depends on the time taken to receive results from the vetting check. Vetting results can take up to four months to be processed.

I only have a limited number of hours available per week – is that ok?

Normally we would ask for a regular commitment of at least once per week. The Pātaka Kai hours are Tuesday to Friday 12pm – 2pm.

I can only volunteer for six weeks because I’m on semester break/in-between jobs – is that ok?

Yes, we are happy for a volunteer to work for us short term but remember to apply in plenty of time to enable the vetting check to be completed prior to starting.

Do volunteers get any payment/mileage/travel allowances?

We value our volunteers greatly but are unable to make payments of any sort. We do, however, celebrate our volunteers each year with a special end of the year event.

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