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Creating a brighter future for rangatahi

Creating a brighter future for rangatahi through engagement in employment, training, or education.

Pae Aronui is a rangatahi Māori (Māori youth) engagement programme aimed at improving education, training, and employment outcomes for rangatahi Māori aged 15 to 24 years who are not in education, employment, or training. With the help of our experienced Kaiārahi Rangatahi team, rangatahi are creating a future that is bright, fulfilling, exciting and based around them being Māori.

Pae Aronui and You

Visionwest invites you to be part of the Pae Aronui Programme.

Our experienced team of Kaiārahi Rangatahi are trained to support, nurture, and guide you to set career goals and personal vision, to identify barriers and challenges, and to tautoko you towards achieving those goals.

As every rangatahi and their whānau is different, we purposely design a unique whānau-centred support structure that fits your needs and career plans, and we commit ourselves to journeying with you as you achieve those plans.

You will receive support through:

  • One-on-one and group mentoring for 12 months.
  • Career planning advice.
  • Help with CV writing.
  • Training in modern interview and recruitment techniques.
  • Exposure to learning opportunities and choices.
  • Employment and training pathway support.
  • Wraparound support provided by other VisionWest services.
  • Ongoing support once you start employment and/or training.
  • Industry specific certificates and licences required for a job.
  • Drivers licencing.

Through Pae Aronui, we enable you to achieve specific educational and employment opportunities including:



  • Re-engaging in qualification-based learning.
  • Attaining credits/qualifications, or
  • Taking meaningful and measurable steps towards re-engaging in learning or attaining qualifications.


  • Attaining relevant pre-employment credits and or qualifications,
  • Attaining stable employment (for at least 6 months),
  • Attaining in-work credits and qualifications, and or
  • Acquiring relevant pre-employment skills.
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Apply for Pae Aronui


Applicants need to be:

  • Living within the Waitakere region.
  • Aged between 15 and 24 years.
  • Of Māori heritage (whakapapa).

To find out more, or to discuss if Pae Aronui is suitable for you:
Phone: 022 012 0019

Or complete the form: