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A journey towards new opportunities

Visionwest Employment and Education provide a range of training programmes which include literacy and numeracy training and early learning for children.

Struggling with Mathematics and English can make us lose confidence and everyday tasks like finding a job, making friends or shopping can be difficult. If you feel like that, you are not alone. One in three New Zealanders struggle with literacy and numeracy.

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At Visionwest, we offer a free literacy and numeracy programme. If you join our programmes, you will improve your reading, writing, maths skills and be able to understand English better.

Our small classes allow you to move at your own pace and cater for your specific needs while our great team of mentors supports you every step of the way.

We also offer the NZCALNE course for those who wish to train in literacy and numeracy.

Early Learning.

Quality Early Learning and Care provided for 2 – 5 year olds in a quiet off street location in the heart of Glen Eden.