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A journey to your full potential!

We support youth out of unemployment and journey with them on the pathway to a brighter future.

If you are a young person struggling to find purpose, motivation and work, Youth Solutions is the place for you.

Through our training programmes you can…

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…gain important trade and practical certification, including your driver’s licence.

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…receive help to prepare your CV and apply for appropriate jobs.

youth - Visionwest

…receive mentoring to help find a job and support you in the first months of a job.

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…receive mentoring to overcome significant issues arising from your past

youth - Visionwest

…gain NZQA Qualifications in selected topics.

youth - Visionwest

…get your training and job search back on track.


Youth Solutions designs and delivers programmes to help young people improve their self-belief, employment prospects, while offering hands-on skills development with a difference. We do this by providing free, quality education and training aimed at guiding young people into fulltime employment in an atmosphere of belonging and unconditional support.

Our range of courses and learning opportunities are supported by skilled mentors and learning tutors.

We have six employment and training programmes to choose from.

EER Report

CLICK HERE to view our latest EER (External Evaluation and Review) report.

Flora’s Story – Independence at 100 Years Old

Flora’s Story – Independence at 100 Years Old

I’m 100 years old. I used to be a nurse then, once my family grew old up, I was in hospital administration. Thanks to Visionwest, I’m still in my own unit. It makes me feel so good to still have...