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Providing a place
to connect

The Whānau Centre is our waharoa, a gateway, for whānau who are new to Visionwest to connect with us as we discover together the areas of support that are needed.

The Whānau Centre works from a place of Kaupapa Māori informed care which ensures that the support provided goes deeper than the immediate presenting need. Through practical support, care, and information we partner with whānau as they work towards their own goals, aspirations, and transformation.

Icon Huia Mai 01 - Visionwest

Wraparound Support

A key to the support provided by Visionwest Waka Whakakitenga is found in the realisation that many whānau who seek support actually need it in more than one area and therefore require to access more than one service. By listening to the stories of those who come to us, the Whānau Centre team is able to recognise and identify the needs of each whānau and connect them with the specific services that can support them best – it is a journey with a personal touch.

This is what we call wraparound support – support that meets the deeper needs of community whānau and walks alongside them to a place of whole-of-life transformation.

It’s at the Whānau Centre that this wraparound support and life transformation begins.