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Youth Justice Mentoring

Visionwest’s Intensive Mentoring Activity Programme (IMAP) is a comprehensive youth mentoring programme to assist in supporting youth people engaged with Oranga Tamariki and/or Youth Justice.

Our IMAP programme focuses on intensive one-on-one mentoring with each young person offering supports tailored to their specific needs and designed to place them on the pathway to success.

How IMAP Works

IMAP, our Youth Justice Mentoring Programme, is based on a co-design approach where each young person works collaboratively with their mentor to set achievable goals. Together they work to design and develop a flexible, individualised support programme that includes mentoring and activity-based learning, responding to each individuals needs and interests.

This model of learning creates a three-way partnership between the young person, their mentor, and their Oranga Tamariki social worker. Each young person attends the programme for 45 weeks, spread over 12 months.

    Youth Solutions Icons 01 - Visionwest

    Being a Part of the IMAP Programme

        Visionwest’s IMAP Programme takes external referrals from Oranga Tamariki for 13 to 18-year-olds or may self-refer young people into the programme from our Alternative Education programme, where this is appropriate.